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C&C is sponsor of the Sanvitese Football Team

C&C renews for the 2022/23 season the support to the local football team Sanvitese Calcio A.S.D. by sponsoring their sports gear.

The amateur club of San Vito al Tagliamento participates in youth football championships from the “Pulcini” category up to the “Prima Squadra” and has over 300 members. This is the 5th year that C&C supports young footballers.

"We strongly believe in the educational values ​​of sport and in the importance of supporting local initiatives: for this reason, we are pleased to sponsor the red and white team", said Gianni Coassin, owner of C&C and native of San Vito al Tagliamento. “We are particularly proud of the part we played in the development of the team and of the young talents of our territory, who are given the opportunity to be discovered.”

“We are grateful to C&C for the precious support it guarantees the Sanvitese Football this year too,” added Paolo Gini, president of the sports team. "We are pleased to be sponsored by a brand strongly rooted in our territory and synonymous with quality: the same values we offer our kids and their families with our educational and sports services.”

For the past two years, in fact, Sanvitese Calcio has been affiliated with Fiorentina, which has chosen the Friulian team as its point of reference for the entire North East. The multi-year agreement between the two teams provides that the Sanvitese football centre collaborates with the technicians and trainers of the Tuscan Serie A club, who at the same time helps the coaches of the San Vito teams in planning and organising training sessions and sharing best practises and activities.

Furthermore, the agreement provides that the Fiorentina club organizes rallies in San Vito where footballers can be evaluated and young talents scouted to offer them a career, perhaps in a Serie A team.